Permeable Paving & SuDS

Multifunctional Sustainable Drainage

Concrete Block Permeable Paving is an essential sustainable drainage (SuDS) technique. It simply allows water to pass through joint filling material in gaps between concrete paving blocks or flags into the underlying permeable sub-base. Here, it is stored and released gradually to help prevent flooding. At the same time, many pollutants are substantially removed and treated within the pavement itself.

Key benefits include:

  • Reducing, attenuating and treating runoff near the surface
  • Direct infiltration or conveyance to the management train
  • Multi-functional SuDS meeting current guidelines
  • Established technology with proven performance
  • No additional land-take and lower whole-life costs
  • Safe, level, puddle-free, shared surfaces for all
  • A gradual supply of clean water for landscape, biodiversity and harvesting

Learn more about permeable paving and SuDS in the video above and the following downloads.

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Guidance on spatial planning, structural and hydraulic design, specification, detailing, construction and maintenance of concrete block permeable pavements.

This document brings together a variety of construction details, demonstrating best practice to make permeable paving and SuDS robust and durable over the long-term.

This document provides a comprehensive illustration of the engineering design process set out in Sections 6 - 10 of ‘Design & Construction of Concrete Block Permeable Pavements’, Edition 7:2018.

Keep up-to-date with the latest developments in SuDS regulations, standards and practices, and the key role of permeable paving.

An essential introductory guide to all aspects of permeable paving for designers, developers, planners, regulators and all those involved with development.

new edition 6 coming soon (sign-up for e:bulletins to hear about new publications)

Guidance on requirements for permeable paving when retrofitting around domestic and commercial premises.

Straightforward design and construction guidance for compliant domestic driveways (suitable car traffic only).

Current best practice guidance based on years of experience.


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