Paving for Change

During the pandemic, outdoor space has taken on a new importance. But, apart from temporary measures directly related to Covid 19 itself, the pandemic has also triggered a fundamental rethink about other aspects of how we live and work, with major implications for our public realm and the paved environment. The future is uncertain and a fresh approach is now needed with the flexibility to adapt to changing requirements.

Modular concrete paving is ideally placed to meet this challenge on new or retrofitted schemes. It can be lifted and re-used for layout changes and new requirements, while also addressing other key issues such as flooding, vehicular pollution, urban heat island effects, climate change, introduction of trees and the reinvention of our high streets to create places for people. New guidance to meet the latest challenges will be available here over the coming weeks. Established techniques and potential for new innovation are also explored in Interpave case studies and an earlier Post