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Interpave has now replaced its previous e:Pave and Pave-it magazines with regular e:Bulletin newsletters, emailed to registered users, with the latest developments in paving and hard landscape. Register now >>

Magazine back-issues contain articles on important issues and project case studies, many of which are still relevant today. Main article topics in each issue are listed below and PDF files can be downloaded by clicking on the issue cover.


e:Pave November 2011

  • Award winning Accordia Cambridge revisited
  • Keeping SuDS law on track
  • Paving information resource relaunched
  • Mainstream permeable paving in Oxfordshire
  • Case studies from the UK and more

e:Pave July 2011

  • New wide-ranging Manual for Streets 2
  • Permeable paving enhances the environment
  • Port paving in Felixstowe and Great Yarmouth
  • Paving the Rock in Burys town centre

e:Pave January 2011

  • Precast paving update from the Interpave 2010 Summit
  • Block paving for demanding commercial applications
  • Permeable paving now mainstream in Germany
  • Permeable paving projects in the UK
  • Urban Regeneration in Edinburgh

e:Pave July 2010

  • New Act demands SuDS.
  • Master-planning in Reading & Edinburgh.
  • A radical solution to potholes.
  • Latest garden paving rules explained.

e:Pave December 2009

  • The latest developments with SuDS legislation.
  • Paving design case studies from the UK and the USA.
  • A Scottish perspective on adopting permeable paving.
  • Kerbing the risk of pedestrian slips.

e:Pave July 2009

  • New draft legislation making SuDS mandatory promotes permeable paving.
  • Front garden planning rules and permeable paving for sustainable drives.
  • Taking a wider view of sustainable precast concrete paving.
  • Masterplanning and urban design for better external spaces.
  • Designing out on-site cutting of concrete products.
  • A wealth of case studies demonstrating the latest trends and techniques.

November 2007

  • Applying Manual for Streets principles on the ground.
  • Retrofitting concrete block permeable paving in an adopted home-zone.
  • CIRIA update on adopting permeable paving and a new local authority forum.
  • Launching the new heavy duty block paving design guide.
  • Latest guidance on safe cutting for precast concrete products.
  • Project gallery.

May 2007

  • Review of the government's new 'Manual for Streets'.
  • Overview of the 2006 international paving block conference.
  • Urban regeneration in Liverpool with precast concrete flags.
  • Lessons learnt from adopting permeable paved streets in Oxfordshire.
  • Rainwater harvesting using concrete block permeable paving.
  • The environmental credentials of concrete as a material.

November 2006

  • The latest issues affecting our paved environment including planning guidelines, sustainability and health & safety.
  • Announcing the winner, commendations and short - listed projects for this year’s Award.
  • A review of important new research on initial and whole of life paving costs.
  • Interlay page with news of the latest training initiatives and a new membership drive.
  • A reminder of the essential role played by precast concrete kerbs over the years and into the future.
  • Developments in permeable paving including legal and planning backgrounds, software and new design guidance for both commercial and domestic schemes.

May 2006

  • Lessons from major heavy-duty block paving projects in China and the UK – both for the world’s largest container terminal operator.
  • Permeable paving is in the news with the government’s sustainable housing code, an update of the latest trends and case studies.
  • A leading expert looks at the design of heavy duty projects using concrete block permeable pavements.
  • The Interlay page focuses on training and the latest initiatives from the Association of Block Paving Contractors.
  • We review the Code of practice for laying paving blocks which was extensively revised at the end of last year.
  • This year’s paving design awards in the USA demonstrate a bold approach to colour pattern and texture which we can learn from.

November 2005

  • Announcing the Winner and Shortlisted projects for this year's Interpave Award.
  • Clearing up misleading claims about 'light weight' kerb handling.
  • The Interlay page, focusing on the latest training initiatives.
  • The case for precast concrete paving at the London Olympic Games.
  • A leading environmental expert looks at permeable paving and SuDS.

April 2005

  • Background on the latest sustainable communities techniques with a case study and interview with a leading expert.
  • A short history of paving and how it can be used to improve our historic environment – and urban spaces generally.
  • The Interlay page, focusing on quality and training.
  • A short tour of the latest in urban paving in the Netherlands to celebrate the imminent BIBM International Congress there.
  • Recent developments around the world with permeable paving, reviewed by Dr Brian Shackel, a leading expert on block paving.
  • A review of the latest detailed technical resource for design and construction, and all the relevant standards today.

October 2004

  • Guidance on the impact of the new DDA and Building Regulations Part M on external paving.
  • Revisit the 2000 Australian Olympics with its impressive public spaces.
  • The CABE Chairman reports on the CABE Space initiative to improve our public spaces.
  • Latest trends in mechanical installation of block paving for speed and accuracy.
  • The Interlay page, focusing on training.
  • A leading expert discusses some common misconceptions with permeable block paving.
  • An overview of permeable block paving and SuDS today.
  • Exclusive announcement of this year’s Interpave/PSLG Awards winning schemes.

April 2004

  • The Camden Boulevard initiative and Living Streets' community street audit programme.
  • Reporting from South Africa on the social benefits of concrete block paved roads.
  • 20-years successful use of block paving on the main roads of Kent.
  • Calling for enteries to the Interpave/PSLG Awards for quality public spaces.
  • The Interlay page. setting out the benefits of membership and importance of training.
  • Everything you always wanted to know - from manufacture to sustainability.
  • Latest developments with concrete kerbing products and their applications.
  • New guidance on handling concrete kerbs from Loughborough University.

November 2003

  • Still stuck with monolithic paving? Modern precast paving can meet virtually any style, from cobbled streets to smooth-paved piazzas. Take a look at these winners.
  • It was one of the most ambitious pavement projects in the world. Now, five years on, just how well have concrete block pavements served Chek Lap Kok, Hong Kong’s International Airport? Ajaz Shafi reports.
  • The new Concrete Centre marks a major milestone in the development of the £5 billion concrete industry. Director Ian Cox tells us why it’s not just another trade association.
  • Interlay member Tolly Paving is one of the most successful paving contractors in the country with a string of high profile jobs to its credit. Its founder Terry Pointer tells us how he did it.
  • Thousands of people are visiting Interpave’s new website – make sure you’re not missing out. Plus what’s really behind the CE mark?
  • It’s official. Permeable pavements are now a major element of the Government’s sustainable drainage drive. See how they work in practice with our projects round-up.

June 2003

  • A townscape dating back more than a thousand years, medieval architecture, subsidence – this project had it all. Could block paving rise to the challenge?
  • The US may be the land of the multi-lane highway but it’s no slouch when it comes to great paving. Just look at Altoona.
  • Living Streets, the pedestrians’ charity, on the agenda that is gaining such an audience in Whitehall.
  • The top block paving manufacturers have tied up with the elite contractors, a move that means even greater benefits for clients.
  • Flooding is more and more common these days, and the costs to everyone are soaring. But there is a way to combat the threat, using a natural process and permeable paving. We show you how.
  • A little imagination, the right materials and quality workmanship can work wonders on even the most dowdy urban stretch – as these award-winners show.